American Drones provides pilot training for DRONES using the DJI or 3D Robotics flight controllers.  For vehicles with the DJI Flight Innovations Controller except the Woo Kong, training is only a few hours and includes the basics of aircraft and battery maintenance.  

The cost for this training is $165.00 total plus any travel expenses.  For drones with autonomous capable flight controllers the training offered is an 8 hour curriculum that consist of the basics of controller tuning, mission planning and aircraft and battery maintenance.  The cost of this training is $680.00 plus any travel expenses.  Travel expenses only apply to customers that are more than 50 miles outside the greater Oklahoma City area.

Flight Training

Extended Support Options

ESO1 - 3 Months Fly, Learn & Use - Meet us at your facility or at one of our training grounds and we will support you while you get familiar with your drone. 4 hrs a month flight time, group specialty lesson options, learn to operate & get comfortable understanding the capabilities of your drone.

ESO2 - 6 Months "On Location" Support 
This Package starts with "On Location" pilot training when we deliver your new American Drone(s), The ESO2 package is for use with a non-autonomous capable flight controller and includes 6 hours of flight training.  Training includes not only basic flying, but also the basics of battery and vehicle maintenance.  The ESO2 package includes a multi-point inspections of your American Drone(s). 
​                              Balanced carbon fiber propeller replacement 
                              Re-balancing installed props                                   
                              M​otor replacement if needed                                   
                              Electronic Speed Control replacement
                              Test and replace batteries as needed 
                              Test fly the vehicle and returned as needed
                              Re-calibration of accelerometers   
                              Re-calibration of compass
                              Flight Controller detailed internal test


                          Call for pricing. 50 mile radius disclaimer.