- Tarot FY680 Pro 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Full Folding Hexacopter is a replacement of Tarot FY680 folding hexacpter,with innovation design and various patent.
- Tarot FY680 Pro 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Full Folding Hexacopter with many advantages including quick folding,low gravity,super stability and super large installation space & Unique shape and apperance

- Quick wire connection,Provide adequate installation space for all kinds of flight control system
- Adopts 3K Pure carbon fiber,CNC processing
- 16mm tube folding bracket widen 3 point support force,widen the place with carbon fiber plate,avoiding broken

- New type carbon fiber fastener adopts Import enhance fiber nylon material,with M2.5 screw ,Its diameter M3.2 interface can make PCB and lever solid connection
- The new folding landingskid with integral design safety locking device,preventing contraction caused by the impact
- A new motor base plate with places to install a new wire harness protection for clamping design is convenient to adjust the motor level
- TAROT 680 pro 6 axis vehicle frame in view of the user design require high portability, especially suitable for used for monitoring of remote sensing mapping aerial reconnaissance fire observation life exploring cable patrol farm monitoring for mobile high performance requirements, equipment load is not big and need a long blank navigation.

Phoenix 800

The Phoenix is built from the Tarot 680 Pro chassis, a 6 motor hexacopter with staying power.  Stripped down for aerial observation only this vehicle can stay airborne for over 30 minutes.  This vehicle is Ideal for police and fire rescue applications where the principle need is to have an eye in the sky with live view ability on the ground.  The 650 can also carry the heaviest payload system available from American Drones. 

Phoenix 960