Phoenix 800

Built from the chassis of the Tarot 680 Pro   A medium lift multi-rotor vehicle that can carry heavier payloads allowing it to carry an additional payload weight

What capabilities do you need from a drone?

Multi-rotor drones start at less than 3 lbs yet have the power to carry heavier payloads for longer flights.

Nothing works better for obtaining stunning aerial photography than smooth flight and accurate performance

American Drones has models that are well suited for performing inspections anything that must be climbed in order to visually inspect. 


We have several models with endless possibilities in the agricultural community. Farming and ranching will change forever.


Nighthawk 550

 Built on the chassis of the bumblebee quad.  The NIGHTHAWK has a collapsible frame which allows for easier storage and transportation.  The role of the Nighthawk is best suited to perform light lifting for medium durations.  

Falcon 450

 The smallest and lightest model we currently customize.  The Falcon is built around the virtually indestructible frame of the Flame 450 quad copter.  This model is well suited for shorter flight times with smaller payloads.         ​

Police and Fire



Eagle 680

This is a medium vehicle capable of carrying an assortment of sensor/video payloads.  The mission potential for hex copter is much the same as the Phoenix.​