Big D's Drone Shop

These flight control systems can complicated and difficult to trouble shoot.  American Drones offers experience and and integrity.  If we begin working on your multirotor aircraft and are unable to make repairs you pay nothing.

So remember before you chunk your drone in the garbage give us a call at 405.308.0866

Crash Repair

Control system upgrades

prop balancing and replacement

Flight Control Sytem calibration and trouble shooting

Major component replacements

motor bearing replacement

Dust Busted  Bearings

Accidental High Velocity Inpact

American Drones operates a full service drone repair shop.  You make think the damage to your mutlicopter is not repairable, well don't throw it out just yet.  chances are that if the retail price was at least $300, it can be repaired.  Our repair shop has experience on 4 popular flight control systems.  We service all DJI, 3DRobotics APM \ Pixhawk as well as Walkera and Zero UAV flight controllers.  Although there our no flight controllers we won't attempt to repair.  Our shop has also gained experience building or rebuilding an endless list of multicopter chassis by numerous different manufacturers.

Maybe your quadcopter just won't arm or the most unfortunate happened and she dropped from fifty feet and never slowed down before catastrophic impact; American Drones has a solution.  Many bad crashes never actually damage the most vital and therefore the most expensive components of your average multirotor aircraft.  We can completely replace the body of a DJI Phantom or Walkera QR X350 for less the a $200.00.  And if it is broken beyond repair American Drones may offer to buy your parts as salvage.

So before you chunk your drone in the garbage give us a call at 405.308.0866